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Our Branding Initiative

The City of santa ana, working with our partners, has recently begun a research-driven, community-wide branding initiative. This effort will help santa ana stand out in the marketplace as we grow toward our preferred future.


We start by conducting research inside and outside the community to uncover perceptions, attitudes and what's unique about Santa Ana.



All of that data is transformed into compelling creative tools that tell the Santa Ana story in ways that visitors, businesses and residents can understand.



Next begins the integration of the new brand, not just into marketing, but also into the fabric of our community and our daily lives.

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At the heart of the Santa Ana brand are the stories of the people who call Santa Ana home.  And we want to hear them all.  Did you start a business or a family here?  Buy your first house or car? Please share the details.  What does your church mean to you?  Did your kids learn to swim in a local pool?  Where do you go to have fun with your friends?  What is your favorite memory?   
If pictures are your preferred way to tell your story, post a pic of you, your family and friends at a favorite Santa Ana hangout.  Post both stories and pictures on Instagram at #ShareYourSantaAnaCA. 



If you really have a passion to help with this process sign up to become a Santa Ana Brand Ambassador below.  Ambassadors are kept updated on the project and given the tools to spread the good word about Santa Ana within their own personal spheres of influence. Or also feel free to sign up below to be notified of progress. 

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